Future for ITL

get link ITL is a dominant and fast growing developer in an expanding market – with even brighter prospects to come.

enter site For example, the company is committed to producing state-of-the art ultra violet (UV) systems incorporating latest technologies such as light emitting diodes (LED).

LED technology is fast gaining momentum as a credible alternative to systems using traditional mercury arc UV, of which ITL is a leading developer.

Furthermore, ITL’s expertise in developing more powerful, smaller UV curing systems – including LED based – brings the company firm potential business from other industries utilising UV curing applications, such as in the major automotive, medical device and electronics sectors.

2011 saw the alliance between ITL and IST Metz GmbH, this provides the market place with a one stop shop, both businesses remain independent from one another however do operate as a single entity. To find out more information click here to watch a short video.