The ITL product line


Integration Technology Ltd (ITL) designs and assembles a range of state-of-the-art products at its headquarters near Oxford, UK, where, in late 2000 after months of designing and refining, the company developed its product debut in the VZero.

A range of highly compact, ultra lightweight, modular ultra-violet (UV) systems configured for a variety of inkjet and industrial applications including large and grand format inkjet printers, VZero remains to this day one of the most effective, high-output, high-quality UV emitters for its size on the market.


In May 2002, having identified the potential for UV curing to move from the large format inkjet printers onto smaller office sizes plotters, ITL unveiled a concept prototype of a very small lamp unit constructed using plastic and ceramic mouldings called project SubZero.

Used for medium format printers and marking and encoding applications using 20mm inkjet heads, this lightweight, high output, miniature emitter is currently the leading selling UV system in the inkjet market.

MZero & Solidcure™

Subsequent developments include a range of miniature high-output UV curing Lamps – MZero –and in the Solidcure™ range, the very latest generation of technology using UV emitting LED’s.