UV Technology Applications

Wide Format Inkjet

enter Integration Technology was the first developer of UV emitters to recognise the unique needs of wide and grand format UV inkjet printers. By creating ultra-light, small footprint high power systems designed to withstand cyclic movement, Integration Technology played a significant roll in the creation for UV wide format market.

Integration Technology systems for inkjet printers are not only light and powerful, but are powered through exclusive high tension “drag-chain” cable and can be equipped with shutters rated for millions of cycles. The unique “Broadband A”© bulb emits a broad spectral dose of UVA and C, designed to fit more closely than any other lamp in use today, the profile of inkjet photo initiators.

With UV inkjet printers getting ever smaller and more sophisticated, Integration Technologys™ range of UV sources is pushing the boundaries of UV technology. Integration Technology is now the first name in UV systems for wide format inkjet, serving the vast majority of all UV printers in this market.

Integration Technology’s SubZero product is the most suited to this type of application, there is also an LED alternative aptly named SubZero LED. If you need further advice on sourcing UV for this type of application the team are available please do feel free to contact us.

Static Head Inkjet

Already the first name in moving head UV inkjet applications, Integration Technology is now using its expertise in inkjet curing to transform the static head inkjet market. This quickly expanding UV inkjet sector has recently had a huge impact on the product marking and encoding industry. As the speeds in UV inkjet are increasing this important technology is expanding into the narrow label market as well as identity card printing, CD and DVD printing. Integration

Technology has worked with a number of partners and now has the experience of a large number of single pass, static head applications.

Industrial Applications

Integration Technology has used its many years of experience in both inkjet and non-inkjet industrial applications to its credit. The company has worked tirelessly to bring advanced UV technology to a huge variety of applications such as 3-D modelling, 2D print curing, robotic applications, medical device assembly, electronic track printing, solder mask, etch resist processes, conformal coatings, genetics, automotive curing, cell phone assembly, Hardware printing, packaging, UV tampo printing, white goods, aerospace and many others.