UV output boosts 16% for inkjet curing

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UV_output_boosts_16_for_inkjet_curing_39A 16% increase in energy output has been achieved for a ground-breaking ultra-violet (UV) curing system for inkjet printing.

With the introduction of its 140 and 170 models, UK-based developer Integration Technology Ltd (ITL) has broadened the scope of its acclaimed SubZero emitter range, boosting UV output by 16%, delivering 230% more UV energy than the existing SubZero 085.

Uptake of the SubZero range has been strong, driven by a small footprint and ultra-light weight enabling the development of miniature UV inkjet systems, not possible until now.
With arc lengths of just 25mm (1.0in), 55mm (2.2ins) and 85mm (3.4ins), SubZero emitters are ideally suited to medium size printer/plotters and marking and encoding applications using 20mm inkjet heads.
Advanced new materials and enhanced optics to optimise the reflector and quartz means that the new SubZero 140 and 170 lamps (with 140mm or 170mm cure lengths) can offer up to 16% increase in UV output, delivering 230% more UV energy than the existing SubZero 085 whilst maintaining the small footprint required for easy integration.

The 140 and 170 can be supplied with the proven SubZero integral high-speed electronic shutter. This system features a programmed electronic actuation ensuring a fast cycle time (80ms) with inertia-less braking, enabling the shutter to be closed or opened during the print cycle without transmitting vibration to the print engine.

Detailed research and lengthy cycle testing at ITL has further enabled exceptional service life, eliminating unnecessary downtime and maintenance.

Intense commitment to R&D has positioned the ITL brand globally as a byword in innovation and quality.

Founded in 2000, it designs and assembles a growing range of UV curing solutions for a variety of inkjet printing and industrial applications.

The company – winner of a 2009 Queens’s Award for International Trade – serves the industry’s foremost OEMs, integrators and system developers and provides support from regional offices in Europe, the USA and Far East.

About the ITL SubZero range

ITL’s new 140 and 170 emitters complement the existing family of SubZero lamp heads (55mm, 85mm and 170mm) and share standard features including:

  • Ultra light weight with compact ‘footprint’
  • High intensity reflector system
  • Replaceable quartz front plate
  • Quick change lamp cassette
  • Advanced halide bulb technology
  • Integrated air-cooling
  • Switch-mode electronic power supply
  • Hi-flex plug and socket cabling connections
  • One year Integration Technology Warranty

Additional SubZero Options include:

  • High Speed Electronic Shutter
  • Alternative bulb spectra ‘H’,’D’,’V’ or ‘A’
  • Enhanced optics
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