Integration Technology and Lumen Dynamics to cross-license UV LED curing rights

Categories: LED Two key players in the global ultra-violet light-emitting diode (UV LED) curing market have entered into a cross-licensing of intellectual property (IP) patents enabling each access to the other’s sales territories.

Aeracure-300x146Patents held by UK-based Integration Technology Ltd (ITL) and Canadian-based developer Lumen Dynamics Group Inc. are to be cross-licensed, enabling ITL products entry to the US market and Lumen Dynamics access to its European counterpart.

Integration Technology Limited (ITL) is a world pioneering designer and developer of ultra-violet curing solutions for wide format inkjet printing, static head inkjet, industrial applications, and various new emerging technologies.

Lumen Dynamics Group Inc. (formerly Exfo) is a global leader of innovative specialty light delivery solutions within the life sciences, medical devices, optoelectronics and graphics digital printing markets.

The essence of the patents allows for greater control of the curing process while increasing the energy saving potential. For example users are able to address individual segments of a UV LED array in accordance with the image being cured. Applications could range from simply changing the effective width of an array for the curing narrower widths of image, to more complex scenarios enabling the switching or varying intensity of the centre diodes to suit a moving target or variable geometric shapes. The patents also cover the modifying of the intensity of individual array segments to optimise its curing.

For customers of both companies, the benefit of this agreement is the enabling of export sales of products containing these features into European and North American markets from any manufacturing location in the world.

Both ITL and Lumen have been long term developers of UV LED technology, with programs that started 10 years or more ago and individual respective patents dating back more than 8 years.

“This agreement marks an important step taken in both recognising the emerging new market potential for UK LED curing and for protecting ours and Lumen Dynamics respective rights and our customers’ usage of our technologies,” says ITL managing director, Adrian Lockwood.

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