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here Meet Loreley Müller and Sarah Manca …

Left; Loreley, Right; Sarah

Left; Loreley, Right; Sarah

Longer term, both are studying for a bachelor degree in business administration at the University of Administration International Exchanges in Paris.

Shorter term, Sarah (pictured right) and Loreley (left) are interns at ITL’s UK headquarters, and have been having fun, doing a great job.

So, what do they see themselves gaining from their time at ITL?

“Well, I am looking for work experience in finance in England so this is an opportunity to get to know the local tax system,” says Sarah.

“It’s interesting to understand how the company started, developed internationally, and to see how the head office here in the UK manages subsidiaries, from a financial perspective.”

“I’m finding out about new technology markets, and of course improve my English!” she adds.

Loreley chose ITL because the company is expanding.

“It’s interesting to be a part of a young company with a vision that sometimes flies in the face of conventional wisdom. LED is getting better understood, it’s interesting to see how ITL now manages its expansion strategy,” she says.

She opted to work in sales and marketing to observe how a new product was brought from the conceptual to market-ready.

“Tracking a product life-cycle is fascinating, as is managing expectations and engaging with customers,” says Loreley. “My aim here is to analyse management in an Anglo-Saxon country and to know the challenges in terms of international trade. ITL is good model to meet this.”

Both girls enjoy the community atmosphere at Upper Heyford.

“There is a great atmosphere between management and staff that clearly assists in ensuring everyone shares a good understanding of company objectives as well as culture,” says Sarah.

Loreley observes a generational divide that actually, isn’t.

“There’s a younger team and a senior team”, she says. “The two generations co-exist really well and with mutual respect and I am surprised to see how well this is achieved.

“ITL welcomed us without suggesting our language skills would be an obstacle to work together with the team here,” she adds. “They certainly made us feel we’ve succeeded fairly well!”

Looking to the future, Sarah hopes to work in the finance department of a successful company. “The finance director’s role is my ambition,” she smiles.

Loreley, who starts her Masters in Entrepreneurship and International trade this September, is aiming for an Executive MBA and to work as a consultant in a business strategy with a focus on corporate social responsibility. “And maybe, in the future, open my own company as a consultant,” she adds.

Both are sound aspirations from two staff members who shall be missed when they return to Paris.

“Loreley and Sarah are great fun to have on the team and have brought a welcome perspective on how we work and evolve,” says ITL managing director Adrian Lockwood. “We shall be sorry to see them move on but wish them the best and always a ready welcome back at ITL.”

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