LED TECH Talk 12-13th November 2014

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LEDs are small and compact, produce comparatively little heat and no ozone. In lighting technology they have already started their triumph, and for several years their use in the printing industry has been discussed. Will they replace conventional UV technology? For which applications are they suitable?

LZS2HDF-300x120When is a retrofitting worthwhile? At the LED Tech Talk of IST METZ GmbH we provide a realistic assessment of advantages and use of the new technology. IST METZ has positioned itself successfully in this market over the last years and offers a wide range of LED UV systems.

In short speeches experts from IST METZ and its partner company Integration Technology Ltd. (ITL) talk about the current status of LED UV technology in various printing processes. Practical demonstrations on the in-house printing presses add to the agenda. The subsequent panel discussion offers the possibility to deepen some topics. The event aims at representatives from printing press manufacturers, print shops and the trade press.

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