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ITL launches miniture high-output UV LED module

One of the most powerful UV LED curing arrays on the market is now available for integration into end user design-and-build programmes. Purpose-designed to support the concept of customer own-build, the new patented LEDZero Module from UK UV LED developers Integration Technology Ltd (ITL) is now available for customers to configure into their own UV LED designs and applications. Each module contains 25 individual chips mounted directly onto a high-efficiency custom-designed heat sink, with the high-packing density of chips in the miniature component further enhanced by a lens ensuring that UV light emitted laterally is redirected toward the substrate. Accurate temperature monitoring is effected by the imbedded thermistor, and traditional wire connection is replaced with spring-loaded, gold-plated connector pins. These […]

LEDZero Solidcure™ integrated into world’s first laminator with in-line inkjet spot UV

A ground-breaking joint development by laminator specialist Autobond and UV LED curing pioneer Integration Technology Ltd (ITL) has enabled the introduction of affordable high-speed short-run printing in the innovative Mini 36 SD TPM, the world’s first laminator with in-line inkjet spot UV. For first customer Darlington printer Sense Creative, the Mini 36 SD TPM laminator enables the production of single or double-sided thermal lamination in one pass with spot UV on one side of the sheet, and single-sided lamination with spot UV one side and a magnetic film on the reverse, for the creation of work such as fridge magnets. The new Autobond 36 SUV can apply 1-7 dpd of […]

RadTech publishes ITL UV LED Trilogy

The most comprehensive introductory narrative available on the science and engineering behind UV LEDs has been completed with RadTech’s publication of “Part 3: Diode Manufacturing and Evolution”. Researched and penned by Jennifer Heathcote, General Manager, ITL North America, the article is the third installment in a three part series designed to consolidate key principles and technical information regarding the science and engineering behind UV LEDs. This article completes the already-published “Part I: Operation and Measurement” and “Part II: Curing Systems” and acts as foretaste of a more comprehensive 12 chapter book co-authored by Jennifer Heathcote and Paul Mills planned for publication later in the year. To become a member of […]

Solidcure boosted to Nth degree

ITL’s UV LEDZero Solidcure™ gets boosted this month with the introduction of its N class array, bringing more energy efficiency than any other solution on the market. A compact footprint, light weight, combined with high intensity output has distinguished the range from launch and excited new applications for the product outside the moving head inkjet market. LEDZero Solidcure™ offers a number of significant advantages over conventional UV Systems including instant on/off operation and significantly reduced heat towards the substrate and long service life. Furthermore, output from the array has a limited frequency spread consequenting in cessation of any ozone or harmful UVC by-product form the system. LEDZero Solidcure N has […]

VTwin – Human Digital adopt new ITL compact air-cooled UV LED solution

Comprehensive new product roll-out continues apace at Integration Technology Ltd (ITL) with the launch of a solution for more demanding inkjet pinning and entry level full-curing in the air-cooled LEDZero VTwin. Well received by the ITL customer community, the VTwin Plus has already been adopted by Shanghai-based wide format developer Human Digital for their latest platform; the XUV-Jet The XUV-Jet uses Konica Minolta print heads partnered with Triangle inks, to produce a 720d.p.i. image in 4 pass mode. The ITL LEDZero VTwin Plus rated at 1.5W/cm² units are located on each side of the print engine for bi-directional printing, curing at speeds of 0.4 m/sec. The new printer has already […]

UV LED and markets forecasts boost sales optimism

Strong increases in prospect sales of UV LED technology coupled to growing interest in ITL solutions from lateral markets marked a highly positive two day mid-year sales conference for the company at its Seoul offices in December. Attended by country managers from across the globe as well as board members from its UK headquarters, the meeting found ITL’s arc product sales (especially the SubZero range) to be holding up well in a challenging world market while demand for UV LED solutions has continued to grow. “It’s gratifying to find a stable market for traditional solutions whilst our investment in emerging technologies is paying off so well,” said ITL Global Accounts […]

UV LED curing – RadTech webinar busts the myths

Following the success of its well-received webinar showcase on UV LED technology capabilities, RadTech partners with Integration Technology Ltd (ITL) and returns to the topic this month. ‘UV LED CURING: Separating Myth from Reality’ explores the exciting progress being made in curing utilizing solid-state, UV LED light sources. The event will take place on January 26th and will be hosted by Paul Mills from ITL USA. Paul will clarify the current and future status of the technology and look at some common myths and misunderstandings about UV LED emitters. During the hour-long webinar, Paul will provide a brief history of the development and evolution of LED sources and an overview […]

ITL call for International Measurement Standard

A call to establish an agreed International Standard for measuring UV LEDs has been made by ITL managing director Adrian Lockwood. Adrian posited the need for effective and accurate measurement during a presentation to printing industry professionals on emergent UV LED curing technologies at October’s IMI Europe 18th Annual European Ink Jet Printing Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. One of more than 20 guest speakers at the event, Adrian’s presentation ‘UV LEDs – A Wholly Misunderstood Technology?’ dismantled commonly-held misconceptions about UV LEDs, while clarifying their true applications potential and performance benefits. “UV LED’s represent an enormously exciting and challenging technology and it’s time any misunderstandings still held about it were […]

ITL webinar reveals growing application of UV LED curing

UV LED curing is versatile, vibrant and viable. That was the message spelled out to international professionals attending a virtual overview and predicative of the emergent technology’s escalating use in the graphics and industrial printing markets in the first of a new series of webinars from ITL. In a well-paced, comprehensive presentation, technology expert Paul Mills set out an objective summary of UV LED and its true potentials. Key points highlighted UV LEDs complementing and not replacing all traditional arc technology applications and the technology’s swift transition to greater stability and thereby commercial viability with the requisite intensity now obtained for full cure on specific applications. UV LEDs suitability to […]

Integration Technology rolls out more choice in UV LED curing for inkjet and emerging markets

UV LED curing solutions as diverse in application as the new markets emerging for their use are a feature of second half year product launches from pioneering UK developer, Integration Technology Ltd (ITL). A major roll-out of ground-breaking UV LED ‘pinning’ systems for wide-format high-speed inkjet printers, static inkjets and other industrial curing applications requiring high intensity UV has been initiated by the Oxfordshire company. The new programme, unveiled at this month’s IMI Ink Jet Technology Showcase in Baltimore, USA, constitutes one of the most significant offers to market to date with a further seven air-cooled and three water-cooled systems to be added to ITL’s existing offerings. The 10 new products […]