Integration Technology has more experience in the UV curing of inkjet applications than any other organisation in the world. This global leadership position allows Integration Technology to offer unique services for OEMs, system integrators, ink formulators and printhead manufacturers. Developers working on UV platforms with Integration Technology have saved up to one year’s development time. By working with developers Integration Technolgy helps minimize the concept to market time of UV printers.

Services to OEMs and Integrators

With a comprehensive database of ink calibrations and inkjet know-how Integration Technology is able to recommend a UV specification to suit any given system configuration. Integration Technology equipped with details of the printhead model, ink type, colour sequence, array configuration, linear speed and step distance can specify the lamp length, power requirement and spectral output required to affect the necessary cure.

Other services include UV power testing, ozone measurement and media dyne testing. By working in partnership with Integration Technology OEMs and integrators have access to a comprehensive set of tools to reduce development time and bring platforms quickly to market.

Services to Formulators

By working in partnership with ink formulators Integration Technology can calibrate UV power, spectral output, flux density and dose required for a given cure or part cure. This enables ink formulators to take new products to system integrators with full knowledge that the curing system exists to enable the integrator to move quickly to market.

Services to Inkjet Head Manufacturers

Working in partnership with inkjet head manufacturers Integration Technology can advise on ink calibration, dot size and dot gain effects to create a calibrated commercially available UV system to match any inkjet head and ink system configuration. This allows the inkjet head manufacturer to go to market with confidence that the ink set and curing system are available for their customers.