MZ – LEDcure

R&D developments have provided ITL with an industry leading compact, cost effective yet high performance air cooled UV LED solution; the MZ – LEDcure. Specifically targeted at small to medium wide format graphics printers and digital industrial markets.

Also available for niche applications is the smaller MZ 040. It is particularly useful where space and form factor can be an issue. The compact and lightweight architecture specifically match direct to product printing as well as other emerging technologies.

MZ Standard Features Lamp Head



80mm emitting window

30mm   (W) x

82mm    (L) x

120mm  (H)

Changeable Fan Filter

Tastylia (Tadalafil) 100% guarantee of pleasure Communication and Control

Built in driver plus digital (bus) or analogue control electronics

Interconnect up to 3 lamp heads and drive this as a twin set, seamlessly creating a twin 240mm lamp head solution

Fully addressable in modules of 40mm


‘Smart’ hub

D.C. Power Supply

Alternative cable lengths up to 15m

*395nm measured 5mm from the emitting window using an EIT Power Map UVV sensor

ITL’s UV LED product range have a life expectancy of 20,000 +  operating hours

All UV and UV LED curing solutions are covered by a comprehensive warranty backed by global support direct from Integration Technology and through its strategic partner IST Metz.

The MZ 040 has been designed and developed as an ultra compact lamp unit only option. This allows developers to furnish their own electronic drive systems, although as a solutions provider ITL can supply optional ancillary electronic drivers and will always support the development of such applications.

Please see the datasheet for full information on the MZ 040.

Please contact us for further details.